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GCC Report- Changes You can Bring at Home

In today’s session, the GCC members and the teachers had a discussion on how to make our lifestyle healthier and eco-friendlier. In the discussion, we briefly explained the feedback of our parents when we shared the activity we did in our last meeting with Ritu ma’am from The Recycle.Green Company. Also, we shared some facts and personal experiences on the same with ma’am.

Nivedita ma’am shared an alternative one must practise in his or her life when he or she is in a café, a restaurant or in a street food stall. Ma’am informed us to carry a bag with us which contains personal cutleries such as metal straw, a silicon cup, forks and spoons instead of accepting the plastic wares the shopkeepers offers you.

Soon after this, ma’am assigned us to make a PPT about how to change our lifestyle so that we do not harm the environment, ma’am discussed some of the points that should be included in the PPT. The PPT would be presented during any of the PTMs that will be conducted.

We celebrated Yug Dugar’s birthday and on this occasion he planted a plant. We also sowed bitter gourd seeds in our school.

We were assigned a mission the ‘Green Your School’ and our challenge in the mission was to spread awareness in our family, then among the people residing in our locality. We talked about what small steps we could take in our home and then slowly moving to a greater mass change.

Fun facts:

  1. A nine to ten-year-old boy living in the USA, earned billions of dollars by just collecting dry waste from everyone’s houses and segregating them and then selling it to the recycling agencies. He is going to use the money for his university fees.
  2. In India, Chennai engineers with the help of nanotech have produced water from air. The machine which they made could produce water from the moisture in the air, the water is pure as proved by the scientists.

More information at:

In today’s session, we learnt that we must look and search for new alternatives instead of using plastic or any other harmful products sold in markets. The way for changing our lifestyle to say is very easy but to set an example for the society to follow is quite challenging but it is something everyone must try to do for a better future.

“No one will come for you and follow the advice you give, the ideas come from you and the changes start from you.”

By Nishita Agarwal

A member of Green Crusaders Club

Apple Global School

(#A Green School)

(#The Best CBSE School in Ahmedabad)

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