Green School

AGS, The Green School Campus

Apple Global School proudly takes on the responsibility of Going Green in every aspect of its infrastructure.


We use solar panels to reduce the consumption of non-renewable fuels.Keeping the direction of the Sun in mind all our corridors towards the south of the building with the North side having glazed windows to restrict the glare and heat of the sunlight. The large windows in two sides of each room to let in maximum amount of natural light and ventilation.

In between two building blocks, we have left large open spaces for proper air circulation throughout the building Rain water harvesting with collection tanks in 4 different areas. The water from all the wash basins is also collected. Reverse bore pumps are used to transfer the collected water to the river close to the school. We have used fly ash bricks, exposed brick and RCC finish with very little use of chemical paints in the construction of our infrastructure. We are the best Eco-friendly school in Ahmedabad.

All the above features help us to limit the use of air conditioning throughout the school without causing inconvenience. Large and green sports fields provide wonderful learning opportunities to the students in an almost no-pollution atmosphere. We have installed several Vermi-Compost bins to take care of the wet garbage from our school kitchen, school garden and sports fields. AGS is a top rated CBSE school with excellent infrastructure in Ahmedabad and is a proud recipient of Top CBSE School for Value for Money award and also has been Ranked Number 1 in Top CBSE Schools for Innovative teaching. We have also received an award for being India’s first Platinum Rated Green School by IGBC Green Schools.


Our Academics with Green Projects

How many of us get the pleasure of watching our vegetables and fruits grow? We at AGS like to explore the science behind growing and cooking our food. Our Applets observe, explore and investigate new concepts in direct contact with the nature. They are learning to appreciate and connect with nature.

In growers zone they will plant their kitchen garden and observe how plants grow. The science and Math concepts allow them to research, explore and calculate data for their project presentations. Through Bees, Birds and Butterfly zone we invite and encourage them to be part of AGS community. Without their presence pollination will not be possible. AGS is the Top rated Green School in Ahmadabad providing the best Eco-friendly infrastructure.

CBSE School in Sanand Ahmedabad
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