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List Of Cbse Schools In Ahmedabad

AGS, The Green School Campus

Apple Global School proudly takes on the responsibility of Going Green in every aspect of its infrastructure.


Green Sustainable Living is a  part of AGS Philosophy and as a school,we strongly promote our vision of a peaceful, sustainable world through education.Apple Global School’s vision to reintroduce children to nature and its sustainability has led to a seamless integration of Green Concept in the regular school curriculum and the school has seen the fruition of several Green-projects. The students are involved in these projects right from awareness and implementation of Zero-Wet Waste management, organic vegetable garden, to the plantation of fruit trees along the periphery of the large sports arena. The member students of Green Crusaders’ Club volunteer to take care of the training of the school cleaning staff in dry and wet waste segregation, hold weekly meetings to prepare, learn and work on new projects. To spread awareness in the outside communities the Volunteer Applets often partner with NGOs, media and agencies to hold awareness campaigns, skits and street plays.

Our Academics with Green Projects

How many of us get the pleasure of watching our vegetables and fruits grow? We at AGS like to explore the science behind growing and cooking our food. Our Applets observe, explore and investigate new concepts in direct contact with nature. They are learning to appreciate and connect with nature.


Apple Global School proudly takes on the responsibility of Going Green in every aspect of its infrastructure.We use solar panels to reduce the consumption of non-renewable fuels. Keeping the direction of the Sun in mind all our corridors towards the south of the building with the North side having glazed windows to restrict the glare and heat of the sunlight. The large windows on two sides of each room to let in the maximum amount of natural light and ventilation.
In between two building blocks, we have left large open spaces for proper air circulation throughout the building Rainwater harvesting with collection tanks in 4 different areas. The water from all the washbasins is also collected. The reverse bore pumps are used to transfer the collected water to the river close to the school. We have used fly ash bricks, exposed brick and RCC finish with very little use of chemical paints in the construction of our infrastructure. We are the best Green school in Ahmedabad.

All the above features help us to limit the use of air conditioning throughout the school without causing inconvenience. Large and green sports fields provide wonderful learning opportunities to the students in an almost no-pollution atmosphere. We have installed several Vermi-Compost bins to take care of the wet garbage from our school kitchen, school garden and sports fields. AGS is a best CBSE school in Ahmedabad with excellent infrastructure in Ahmedabad and is a proud recipient of Top CBSE School for Value for Money award and also has been ranked Number 1 in Top CBSE Schools for Innovative teaching. We have also received an award for being India’s first Platinum Rated Green School by IGBC Green Schools.


We are in the midst of a global awakening to preserve the Earth’s resources by shifting our behaviour to be more sustainable and responsible.Environmental awareness provides the people of the world with opportunities to acquire the required knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed to protect, conserve and improve the environment for its present and future generations.
As a responsible Green School, the inculcation of environmental awareness in all our students is of utmost importance. To develop healthy respect, love and concern for nature the students and their parents must adopt a conscious and sustainable Green Lifestyle. We appreciate those parents who are already nurturing their wards with these positive habits, and we appeal to the rest of the AGS parents, to begin with, these guidelines-

Green Norms

  1. Keep your house, garden, and lane litter-free. Use dustbins.
  2. Use correct bins for waste segregation – Wet waste and Dry waste.
    • Train your staff, maid, cook and gardener, in waste segregation & waste management.
    • Ensure the waste from your home goes into the correct AMC bins.
    • If possible, help to spread Waste Segregation Awareness in your society.
  3. Save water
    • use water-saving gadgets to reduce wastage.
    • mend the leaking taps and pipes.
    • use bucket and mug to wash cars and to water the plants
  4. Save Paper:
    • Use paper wisely and judiciously. Instead of paper napkins, use washable & reusable cloth napkins and kitchen towels
    • Communicate electronically.
  5. Our Earth has limited resources-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
    • Buy products with minimum packaging.
    • Segregate dry waste into- paper, plastic, glass and sell the items to the pasti-walla to help recycle and reuse at the source.
    • Shops like H&M take old clothes for recycling plus give a discount voucher.
    • Give the old sarees to the people who make Godari
  6. Always carry reusable cloth bags for vegetable shopping or to buy daily grocery. They are always very handy to carry stuff in an emergency. Keep a few cloth bags in your car.
  7. Minimize the use of polythene bags. Do not throw them in public places.
  8. Reduce/stop the use of single-use plastic straws, containers, and bottles
    • Refuse the use of straws in restaurants etc.
    • Steel and bamboo straws are in style these days.
  9. Think of an alternative for single-use plastic or paper or thermo-col containers, straws and glasses.
    • To make one paper cup 4 litres of water is wasted- so when we throw 1 paper cup, we also waste 4 litres of water.
    • Carry your own steel Bottle
    • Home-delivery food generates a lot of plastic waste, as the food is packed in plastic containers.
  10. Save Energy : Always ask your ward to switch off lights, fans, electrical gadgets before leaving the room.
  11. Help in reducing Air Pollution: Always turn off your car’s engine at the red light. Promote carpool.We appeal and encourage the entire student body and parent body to start becoming aware of the environmental crisis that our planet is facing. Let’s make our life-style environment-friendly from right NOW!
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