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Best Preschool In Ahmedabad

The AGS Arena  boasts of a big sports campus providing Best Sports & Athletics ground for a number of cultural and sports events!

Health is not only dependent on physical activity and fitness restricted to the type of sports a child plays. It also depends on proper diet, nutrition and mental health! AGS Arena plays a very important role in fulfilling all the developmental aspects of health. It is built to accommodate all kind of co-curricular and extra-curricular outdoor events, be it in sports, culture, music, dance, theater, agriculture. It is one of the best Athletics schools in Ahmedabad, Smart School In Ahmedabad.

Best Preschool In Ahmedabad

The Basketball court is 34 X 17 meters, and right behind the BB court is the Volleyball court of 18 X 9 Meters. The netted Cricket pitch of 71/2 X 30 m lies alongside the Volleyball court. Next to Volleyball court is the Kabbadi court of 10 X 13 M and then the Archery Field of 70 X 15 M. There is a beautiful bamboo structure for an Open Classroom  and another enclosed area, the Activity room, which is used as a changing room and to keep the sports equipment and other material for any number of events. The large field in the centre is the Football court, which is also used for cultural and performing art events. We have also been awarded for being India’s First School in Western Region for Promoting Golf in School.

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