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The objective of the Environmental Club is to develop Applets with a strong commitment to improve the environment in our community. Our club is committed to environmental education and sustainable efforts for environmental improvement.

Overall objectives of the Environmental Club

• raising environmental awareness among school students
• Increasing the green area in the school
• beautify the school grounds internal and external
• Maintaining the cleanliness of the school down
• instilling the spirit of volunteerism among students
• help students master skills such as farming and caring on plants
• Establishing the love of belonging to the environment
• help the school to get rid of some trash (old books – cafeteria trash)
• Implementation and improvement of the activity of recycling in school

AGS is a top rated CBSE school with excellent infrastructure in Ahmedabad and is a proud recipient of Top CBSE School for ‘Value for Money’ award and also has been Ranked Number 1 in Top CBSE Schools for Innovative teaching. We have also received an award for being India’s first ‘Platinum Rated Green School’ by IGBC Green Schools.


Good health is defined as Complete Coordination of Body, Mind and Soul.

Health is a condition (mental and physical) in which the individual is functionally well adjusted internally with respect to body parts and externally with his environment. In a broader perspective Physical Education and health education are mutually interdependent. AGS offers the best Athletics program in Ahmedabad.

Objectives of Health clubs and Physical Education

Health Wellness Club at Apple Global School aims to favourably influence the habits’ attitude and knowledge relating to an individual student and the AGS community.

Physical Education caters to provide physical fitness which an important component of wellness. Apple Global School has introduced activities like Dance, yoga, sports and clubs like wellness, cuisine clubs, Nutritional Educational club etc. Physical Education supplement the activities of the health and Wellness clubs by providing opportunities for physical exercise which activates pituitary glands and hypothalamus secreting ‘feel good’ hormones. These hormones also have the capacity to reduce pains and improve the Sense of well being.

The aim of AGS is to provide students with knowledge, skills, capacities, values and the enthusiasm to mould a healthy lifestyle into adulthood. Health and Wellness Club will plan their activities keeping in view the key element for building a healthy Campus. AGS is one of the best Eco- friendly school and best athletics Schools in Ahmedabad 

Following diversified health promoting activities have been planned at AGS

– Light exercise early in the morning
– Basic health screening from time to time.
– Imparting information about various diseases prevailing in a particular duration of year and various preventive steps.
– Providing nutritional and nutrient rich food items in school canteen.
– Conducting first aid classes to impart basic information and application of first aid.
– Engaging students for about 30 minutes in any physical activity of choice from plethora of options like football, skating, basketball, kho-kho, judo, badminton, handball, table tennis etc.
– Celebration of different food days to promote habit of intake of all types of nutritious food items.
– Conducting various workshops on Adolescent Education Programmes and dealing with their emotional problems.
– Maintaining ideal body weight

AGS has received another award for being ranked Number 1 in India under Top CBSE School for ‘best Co-curricular Education’ in a survey conducted by Education We have also been awarded for being India’s First School in Western Region for Promoting Golf in School.

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Strengthen the processes of teaching and learning English language through the integration of communication and information technologies, arts and the promotion of the institutional values.


• motivate students and teachers to join the English Conversation Club.
• promote theater and arts as a strategy to reinforce English language learning.
• encourage the use of communication and information technologies as a tool to reinforce English languages teaching and learning.
• carry out cultural, academic and recreational activities in order to promote the use of the English language in the context of the school.
• develop workshops for the creation and design of didactic and pedagogical materials.
• integrate students’ talents, needs and interest with the English language teaching processes.
• and improvement of the activity of recycling in school

Club’s activity

The club has initiated competitions in extempore, essay writing, creative writing, poetry writing, debate, elocution, skit, quiz and reading to enhance the speech and oratorical skills.



The mission of the Apple Global Math Club is to foster a community of students around a common interest in mathematics.

Applets will have opportunities to apply and improve math skills by exploring manipulatives and participating in math competitions and learning circles.

The Math Club members will learn about interesting careers in math related fields and engage in activities that promote the appreciation and pursuit of mathematics.

Objectives The Math Club Aim To

• an easy to learn concept of mathematics.
• techniques for critical thinking.
• students to like math and explore their hidden potentials in math.
• paths to introduce math in creative and innovative ways.
• the study and appreciation of mathematics.
• students with difficulties in math.
• students’ potential as being mathematicians.
• exceptional work habits and behaviours.
• a supportive learning environment for mathematics.

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To enhance the inquisitiveness and learning of the members in computational skills and update the tech savvies within.


• To increase computer skills among the members.
• To enable the members acquire teamwork skills.
• To promote creativity among the club members.
• To enable members acquire skills in research and presentation of ideas.

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