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In our learning environment, both inside the Preschool classrooms and outdoors, we integrate concepts through exploration, play, and discovery with readiness skills. Children’s growth and development is measured through ongoing observation and individual assessment throughout the year.

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Performers’ Zone and the Amphitheatre

Developing communication skills is one of our main focal points at AGS. Little Applets take on the stage performing, rhymes, recitations, theatres, songs, dance to hone their latent talent.

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Jungle Gym Zone

“Instead of just going down the slide, an Applet might think, ‘Hey, this is gravity pulling me down,’ or if we insert a piece of carpet under them they might figure, ‘Oh, this is friction slowing me down.’

Would you not like your child to think like this?

Lifting, climbing, sliding, jumping, skipping, gripping, sharing, conversing, our Applets will explore and interact with the environment physically, socially and intellectually. They would be developing far more than their gross and fine motor muscles groups and skills through the Jungle-Gym equipment.

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Traffic Zone

Awareness of the traffic rules and regulations for the safety of all the travellers. Respecting the rights of every person for a common goal must start at the pre-primary school.

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The Sandy Zone

Digging, pouring, measuring, feeling, building castles and structures Applets inquire into the matter and materials to make sense of their world while their fine gross motor skills get a healthy scope of development.

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Waterplay Zone

A thoughtfully prepared water centre that is linked to the Pre-K curriculum, fosters cognitive development, teaches mathematics and science concepts, enhances physical skills, promotes social learning and cooperative effort, and enriches language experiences.

Water play is developmentally appropriate regardless of the child’s physical condition, age, language, gender, or culture. Water is an intriguing medium. The children seem to get drawn to explore its behaviour, structure and properties. Because water is naturally fascinating, a thoughtful teacher can structure the environment and materials in the water centre to make the most of water play.

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The Growers Zone

Sowing, planting, growing and harvesting new plants. Naming, measuring, weighing the produce, Applets become farmers, scientists, mathematicians, economists through these sensorial activities

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The Birds and Butterfly Zone

Welcome to the Quiet Zone! Here we Applets invite birds for feeding and nesting. The values of responsibility, empathy, caring comes when we interact with all living beings!

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Preprimary Classrooms

The AGS pre-primary classrooms are state of the art pyramid-like spaces. “PYRAMID” is a Greek word that refers to the energy field in its Center core or Nuclei. Pyra Vastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and law of the universe. It is totally innovative concept of subtle level correction with pyramids based on mind over matter. It deals with our inbuilt power and ability of Mind-Body-Emotion. This powerful intention at the core level induces energy within us.

The classroom environment extends to the outdoors activity spaces. The activity spaces are like the exploratory labs for the Applets to discover new ideas, reflect on the known concepts, and innovate. These spaces are deeply linked to the curricular requirements and learning expectations at AGS.

Purpose-built classrooms that promote maximum learning, keeping in mind all the requirements of the little learners. The learning tools we employ inside the classrooms are of a wide range- Montessori manipulative, Puppet play, dance area, reading tent, to the technology-based learning through Apple TV.

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