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Education for 21st-century is not just about the content or information. It has more to do with the right sources, mediums and platforms that the modern learner is going to use to access the content. As educators at AGS we accept that we have learners who are sharper and intuitive towards the process of learning. So our focus is on the process. We acknowledge that the children today will thrive on application and comprehension rather than memory and our programs specifically focus on the same and continue to evolve for the 21st century learner.

Yes, at AGS we have identified the 21st century skills. Our focus is not only academic excellence but also on life skills, independent work, personality development, effective communication, art appreciation, technology integration and many more based on the age, interest and nature of the learner. The acquisition of these skills begins with simple exposures leading to practice and finally resulting in integration as a personality trait.


A comprehensive academic program benchmarked at national and international level.

A balanced developmental program that focuses on the talents, interest and skills of the learners.

Competent qualified and trained team of educators who have one to one attention at top of their minds.

Technology driven academic and administrative system that ensures safety, effectiveness and seamless communication and value addition amongst all the stakeholders.

A child centric, state of the art learning facility spread in an area of 4 acres. The campus offers multiple sporting facilities, customized spaces for informal learning interactions, technology driven classrooms, digital and paper based library, math center, technology center, science and language centres and much more.

Career oriented courses along with self learning modules like team work, conflict resolution, time management and much more.

Access to real life learning and application opportunities through various expert interventions; external educational trips and activities.

School has implemented the Wake up 2 Dream and Dare to Dream programs. These ongoing programs aim to develop our students from a very young age, to lead their own lives with responsibility, to work well with others and to learn to do the right thing even when no one’s watching.

The international environment of the school borrows from the IBO’s Learner Profile attributes (Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators¸ Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, Reflective) that help us make our students international minded, who care for the world around them. Value and character building is at the heart of everything we do. We do not treat this as a separate subject, but cultivate it as a way of life that each teacher and individual in school exemplify, and display in their interactions on a day to day basis with the students.

We are a  CBSE Affiliated School. Apple Global School delivers its curriculum using the best and latest in national and international pedagogy. 

The school offers Grades from Nursery to Grade 7 (Integrated Curriculum) and Grade 8 to 12 in CBSE Board.

From the Year 2022-23, we propose to commence the IGCSE International Board from Grade 8 going forward. After Grade 7 students will select to study in one of the boards.


The school is offering Grades from Nursery to Grade 7 (Integrated Curriculum) and Grade 8 to 12 in CBSE Board.

From the Year 2021, we will commence the IGCSE International Board from Grade 8 going forward. After Grade 7 students  will select to study in one of the boards.

Yes, our students participate in inter school competitions. We encourage students to benchmark their own performances and to keep pushing themselves to improve their personal talents and skills.

We follow the Assessment Pattern as recommended by CBSE. Assessments are shared with the parents in Parent Teacher Meetings on a regular basis.

We train our students ‘To Learn How to Learn’ which will make them life-long learners. These competencies make our students confident at facing any format of testing. By enhancing their different skills, like- logical, abstract, analytical thinking, observational skills, through the practice of graphics, creative writing skills, skills for research & presentations, keeping up with the knowledge of updated technology, continuous updating of general knowledge, inculcating a life-long reading habit, through brainstorming sessions etc, we prepare our students to be ready to face any future challenges.

‘21st Century learning for our Global-Minded Students’ is our mission and that includes our commitment to prepare our children for the future. Technology no doubt shall be the key driver of education in years to come. Thus at AGS we have integrated interactive hardware with central digital content libraries into our learning framework. Technology labs, with access to Google Education programs ensure that we remain current and ready to take on the changing world.

We integrate a wide range of activities within our overall educational program. The following are part of the curriculum for the children: Visual Arts, Dance, Theatre, Music, and Physical Education. For Sports, we are currently offering Skating / Karate / Football/ Basketball/ Athletics/ Badminton/ Cricket/ Table Tennis/ Volleyball/ Yoga.

Regular periods are dedicated to physical fitness and an advance coaching is provided as per the students’ talent and capabilities. Guidelines like diet chart, good lifestyle etc. is provided by the school coach and experts.

During the primary school level we provide all round skills enhancement to all our students. In middle and high school we provide expert interventions where the experts share their knowledge and information about different types of careers, the required skill sets and other career options. The students may go for the in-depth counseling as per his/her field of interest.

We maintain 30-35 children per section and a maximum of 3 sections per grade.

Yes, We have. We provide a nutritional vegetarian meal at lunch under the guidance of an experienced dietitian. On request Jain meals are also available.

Yes, we provide safe and interactive School Buses for Transport with the provision of A/C which is operational as per the weather conditions.

Every year the fees are likely to increase by 10%.  After 5 years the ratio of percentages of increment may vary.

Yes, there are interactions for the admissions for Grade 1 to Grade 9 & 11. Please note that admissions for Grade 1 to Grade 9 & 11 will be confirmed only after the interactions. These interactions, in a verbal or written form, are a tool for both the school and the parent to get a genuine assessment of the level the child has reached at present, academically, and if there are any particular areas of weaknesses that need to be focused upon.

The website provides the syllabus information for each grade. Kindly refer to the previous grade’s syllabus to prepare your child for the admission.

An assessment of each child seeking admission from Grade 1 onwards is taken before admission is granted. We make sure that we admit the child only if s/he has the potential to cope up with curricular requirements. In a very few cases, where a child shows borderline potential, either we recommend a lower grade than what was applied for or else for a special, targeted support in school and at home to ensure that the child is able to cope up.

The school has a waitlist system. We recommend that you complete the admission procedure for your child that includes-                                                                                                                  

Students appearing for the interaction.                                                                                      

Submitting all the required documents. We will process your application and assign you a waitlist number based on certain predefined criteria.  Once the seats become available in that grade, we shall release the seats in order of the waitlisted numbers. We will call to inform you of the availability of the seat.                                                                                                                

A prompt acceptance of the seat, after its release, is advised with a full payment of Deposit and Admission fees. If we do not receive fees within three working days after our notification, we will cancel the student’s name from the waitlist and assign the seat to the next waitlisted student.

Please note that the waitlist number given to you is only for academic session 2017-18. If you do not get admission this year and wish to reapply next year, you will have to undertake the admission process all over again.

We consider parents as valued partners in the child’s education. The school conducts Parents Teacher Meetings (PTM) thrice a year.

Homework helps students reaffirm, learn application, develop self-reliance and work skills. Typically, the amount of homework increases as the student advances in age and grade levels. However, homework does not necessarily mean written work. It will include reading assignments, preparing for class, collection of material for projects, conducting surveys/ interviews etc. School does not encourage outside tutoring for any of the subjects. We want our students to be self-reliant and be responsible for their learning. The involvement and support of the parents is required for the procurement of the materials; keeping track of the deadlines, and a guidance for the internet surfing sites during their child’s research work. Details of our homework policy will be made available after admission.

Shifting to schools offering other boards is subject to that school’s admission process. As far as recognition is concerned, before the Grade 10, the school only requires a certificate from the District Education Officer saying that the school is authorized to run the primary years. School already has this certificate and a few of our students over the last 4 – 5 years have successfully shifted to other schools in other states and to other countries like Australia, US etc. without any issue. Please refer to parent testimonials on our website.

Our teachers are amongst the highest paid in the sector. This ensures that we attract a good talent pool. We have a continuous & rigorous in-house training as well as external training programs for our teachers.

We recruit teachers, who thoroughly understand our ideology and also agree to abide by our norms and commit to remain with us at the time of employment. We do our best to provide teachers with a healthy growth environment to ensure long-term commitment with the organization. We invest a lot of time, energy and resources in training our teachers and would not like to see them leave. Apart from this, teachers are also provided facilities like subsidized fees for their children, day care facilities, etc. But at times due to unavoidable circumstances they may leave. Our experience in the last fifteen years has been that our teachers don’t leave to join other schools – almost all the teachers who have left AGS have left for personal reasons such as marriage, pregnancy, transfer of family / husband, ill-health. Therefore, we are quite confident of retaining our teachers.

AGS has a long and established history with the local community. The campus is controlled and under CCTV surveillance. All entrances to the school campus are controlled by the campus security guards. Visitors are required to establish their identity and have a legitimate purpose to enter the campus.

Yes, first priority shall be given to the siblings on announcement of admissions opening.

The school has a tie up with SHALBY Hospitals and a nurse is stationed at the sick bay.  Immediate First–Aid shall be provided to the student by the school nurse in case of any incident. Parents shall be informed about the same. In case the student requires hospital care the school shall take the necessary action after informing the parents and taking their explicit consent.

You can contact the School Administration Office on 7573001638, 7573001611-12.

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