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Green Crusaders’ Report- Climate Change- A Workshop by ‘Green Innovate’

On 18th Jue’19, we had a wonderful session with the CEO of Green Innovate and two students interning with the same company wherein they produce recycled items like Notebooks, paper pens, T-shirts made of plastic pet bottles etc. This is an effort to produce useful items by trying to reduce the amount of waste that is generated by us humans.

Firstly, they briefed us about the importance of saving our environment and preserving it for the future generations. They asked us a few questions about the role that the environmental plays in our lives and why we are so keen towards saving it. Then, they showed us a video that brought out the idea of “Small things make a big difference.” We could comprehend from the video that was shown that how important are the small initiatives and the gestures as they make a big difference and has a huge impact on the environment.

Our initiatives determine what kind of a person we are- one who is a part of all the activities  that now leads to the depletion of the environment or one who has a kind gesture towards the environment and is a part of protecting it.

We then discussed about various problems that we face like the plastic pollution, the global warming, climate change, etc. We even discussed about the solution to their causes and what we as a club or a school can do to reduce the amount of pollution in the environment. We were asked to choose the topics that we would like to work upon, and gather information for the same. Next session, we all look forward to know about each other’s survey reports and finding a convenient solution to them.

Nandni Tolani,

AGS Green Crusader.

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