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Festivals Make Our Life Lively

Life becomes a festival when Gaiety and Culture blends

India is a land of festivals. Festivals are like glue in our life which keeps us attached to our culture and society. Festivals are about cherishing our traditions and cultural values passed on from generations to generations.

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Festivals symbolizes Unity. We celebrate it with our near and dear ones. It is a joyous time for us. Our daily schedules keep us away from our close friends and relatives. But festivals give us the opportunity to stay together and nourishes the strong bonds with our family. We dress up in our traditional clothes which reflect our vibrant culture. The festivities spread peace and happiness.

Apple Global School, one of the top preschools in Ahmedabad understands the importance of festivals in a child’s life. AGS makes an effort to teach our applets the importance of festivals and keeping up with the traditions for life long. It makes our applets extrovert hereby explaining to them the importance of togetherness.

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Even during the pandemic situation of Corona, Apple Global School – the Smart school celebrated festivals virtually in a unique way. For instance -On Janmashtami, Applets made Lord Krishna’s favourite dishes like laddus and shrikhand. Adding to that on Independence day our little Applets dressed up as Freedom fighters and cherished their bravery. These activities strengthen their bonds with our cultural values.

Festivals add sparks in our life which adds happiness and joy in our hearts. We are so bonded with our festivities that we can’t imagine our life without festivals. We are glued together with our festivals and we shall stay glued with it forever.


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How to Festivals Make Our Life Lively
Here you can know the Importance of Festival in our Life and how to connect Festivals us in Busy Life.
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Apple Global School
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