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Rhetoric – the art of adorning the language

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Grammar is the foundation or basis of all compositions. It is that part of the study of the language
which deals with form and construction of words and their customary arrangement in phrases,
sentences, punctuation and sometimes also with language sounds. Now, all these are necessary for
good composition, but mere grammatical accuracy is not enough. A passage may be grammatically
correct and yet it may be dull or dry or colourless. It is rhetoric that lends beauty and grace to
language and makes it subtle or effective or forceful or melodious. Hence, to make one’s language
perfect, to make it more appealing and effective, one has to follow the rules of grammar as well as
adorn one’s language with rhetoric.
A distinction may be made between grammar and rhetoric. While grammar is a matter of rules and
the etiquette of writing which ensures that language is appropriate, rhetoric is the art of adorning
the language with various devices. A piece of composition attains beauty and grace with the usages
of rhetoric. A good orator or writer therefore, uses appropriate language as well as rhetorical
devices in his speech or writing to delight, inspire or overwhelm his audience or readers. Indeed the
most essential element about oratory is eloquence, that is, an easy and spontaneous flow of
beautiful effective language which influences the audience. Through this one can ensure smooth
flow from the writer or speaker as spontaneously as water flows down from a mountain spring. The
great masters of literature like Sydney, Dickens, Macaulay were all writers of ornate style.
“Rhetoric” , is the art of clear and effective use of language, as a means for communication of ideas.
Thus, we can state that to make the language comprehensible and effective, one needs to express
thoughts or ideas in good style with figures and rhythms, wherever necessary.
We at Apple Global School believe in continuous effort to ensure that our students are always
encouraged to develop all round skill in language so that they can harness the art of a good orator,
communicator, writer in their professional carreer.
Mithua Mitra
Apple Global School

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