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It’s really amazing to see that schools teaching is based on latest technology in such a productive manner and making kids learn in the best way possible.

I appreciate the efforts made by the teachers.


 The kids enjoyed the house party and online school a lot. School is doing a great job by keeping them occupied. Thank you so much!

Very well planned and executed academic and other activities online. Splendid efforts put it by all teachers considering the never seen before crisis.

  The school has done remarkably well in moving online. It was quick and efficient. I really appreciate it.

At the outset we appreciate the excellent efforts being put in by the faculty and AGS admin team in organising the online sessions .Kudos to AGS !!

We are really very great full to AGS team for such a wonderful effort made to keep children busy during such pandemic situation.
I personally feel subject related classes like EVS, MATHS, ENGLISH and HINDI were brilliantly taken and we're necessary too.

School planned the structure very well and appreciate teachers efforts in trying to approach all students and make learning interesting. Homework Google form are really beneficial.

It's really a new learning concept for 1st yr student's. They have learn with fun and enjoyed a lot. Teachers and supporting staff made all the sessions very interactive to all the students. Music, Grandpa stories, Vedic Maths, sports, Yoga and Zumba class are also impressive. You have made students engaged along with fun.. Thanks for initiatives.

Online classes were superb.... teachers were so dedicated...n I really appreciate the co- curricular activities for family... Amazing job Team AGS .

 In simple words, it was good and great. If it would be continued then also very much grateful to AGS team for making their selves available online!

 We totally appreciates the efforts AGS is putting in to try and educate students in these difficult times. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Teachers, support staff and the entire AGS team.

Dear Team Apple Global

We would like to appreciate the hard efforts taken by the entire team of apple global school in this hard times, where kids are at home and are left with very few activities. The school has come up with this idea to teach pre-primary kids with online sessions. Kids are enjoying every minute of the session. They wait for their teachers to come online and be a part of the fun trip. Everyday the school makes efforts to make it interesting and fun journey... and u are doing a great job in that. Little did we know that these tiny Todd's will do this good with online sessions.

Kudos to the school.

Shruti ma'am

Komal ma'am

Hetal ma'am

Priyanka ma'am

And the rest of the staff

Keep up the good work and trust we all parents are whole heartedly with you.


Your Sincerely

A place where ur child grows into a beautiful human being. It's been 2 years I joined the family and nothing better I could choose for my son . Thank u ags.
Best English Medium School In Ahmedabad

I was always scared of annual functions because of all the efforts involved! I was more than happy when i came to know that this school does not have an annual function and just sports day. but this time it was different! Just attended and experienced the first annual function of the school! it was completely effortless. kudos to the team! right from the beginning of selecting the kids to grooming them, the team did a wonderful thing! i would specially mention the surprise for the parents that kids were able to maintain, thanks to the conditioning of their minds by the team! thank you for a lovely experience!

Top 10 Preschool In Ahmedabad

It is one of the Best Schools in Ahmedabad which over all enhances your child’s personality with excellent studies and amazing events organised with lot of hard work and dedication by Teachers and Applet Family .
I’m happy to be a part of Applet ..
My daughter Aahana Kohli is happiest.

Best English Medium School In Ahmedabad

A warm Namaste to all the trustees and the good people concerned with the management of Apple Global School.  We, Mr. Jimi and Mrs. Juin Desai are the proud parents of Vrishiv Jimi Desai, a student enrolled in Grade I of your esteemed school.

Our child has been studying at your school for the past one year.  We, as parents are not only delighted but pleasantly surprised at the manner in which our blue-eyed boy is showing signs of all-round development in just one year of joining your institution.

We have seen him eager to go to school.  Now, that in itself is an achievement on your part.  It definitely deserves a pat on the back of all the dedicated people working behind the scenes in this campus to make learning an enjoyable experience.

All of us have been in awe of our school teachers when we were in school.  Vrishiv is no different.  He has endless tales of how his teachers teach him new things… how he spends time in the green surroundings of the school campus...  He feels so proud that he has such a BIG playground to play while many of his friends going to other schools don’t.  Regular field trips widen his learning horizon while socially conscious events arranged by the school like the recently held half-marathon against corruption make him aware of the real world issues at a very young age.  This is what ‘holistic learning experience’ means.

We are a bit jealous that Deepa mam is the one who Vrishiv listens to… even more than us… Thank you, dear teacher.  We would also like to commend Ms. Priyanka for her excellent coordination and rapport with us parents.  She is a perfect link-bridge between parents and the school authorities.  More power to you, mam.

At a young age, it is not only studies, but the overall growth of the child that matters.  The school environment – complete with its structures, colors and classroom spaces with the teaching aids – all create a multi-layered image on the child`s mind of how the world is supposed to be.  It is this environment that the child feels to be ‘right’.  The school nails this aspect of teaching perfectly.  As if we needed any confirmation, the school won the “No. 1 ranking for Innovative Teaching” under the CBSE paratmeters recently.  Kudos to you!

The teaching methods and interactive sessions with parents and teachers conducted regularly by the school have not only helped us stay on top of our child`s daily progress, it has also instilled in him a responsible behavior.  At such a young age, it is heartening to see our child stand up and be counted for what he does and how he does it.  We believe that a thirst for the “why” and “how” things are as they are has been ignited in Vrishiv’s mind.  This can only be as a result of how things are taught at the school.  He is inclined to question and understand each phenomenon rather than accept anything told to him.  This definitely instills in him an analytical approach towards life.  Community programs like Christmas and Diwali celebrations held at the campus inculcate bonding and lay the foundation of a socially active lifestyle for him at a young age.

All and all, to say that we are happy to have enrolled Vrishiv at Apple Global School would be an understatement.  We wish all the very best to you in all your endeavors.  We would like to appeal to all those parents reading this to visit the campus once and enroll their children with this wonderful institute for a better future.

Thank you.

Top 10 Preschool In Ahmedabad

It’s really amazing to see that school’s teaching is based on latest technology in such a productive manner and making kids learn in the best way possible.

My daughter Khushi Singh studies in AGS since nursery.Today she is in 11th standard. Since her admission 14 years back in nursery, till date even for a moment in dreams also, I never ever thought that she goes to a school.For me and her, AGS is not only a school. Its everything, a child needs for their overall growth and building future in academics and personality. It is home. The studies ,the care, the sports, the celebrations, the expeditions, and the intelligent teaching, attracts me as a parent and my daughter as a student.It appears a bonding of relationship. I always think and wish the best for the school to reach higher milestones so that I can continue to proudly say that she is an Applet. I think the environment plays very vital role to build up the students. The campus is robust, the teachers and even admin staff are matchless. In her years of association not a single hiccup, no complaints..!!! Really it’s amazing. Keep it up.My best wishes to AGS.

Top 10 Preschool In Ahmedabad

Apple global school is an excellent school that provides fantastic all around development. My child Kavish loves attending school. Kavish had some ups and downs in the year, but his teacher and the school have helped him a lot. I am very happy with his progress, seeing his overall performance I have recommend the school to my relatives.

Top Cbse Schools In Ahmedabad

Preschool plays a vital role in laying the foundation of the child’s education. I was looking forward for a preschool which gives wholesome development to my daughter – Khimaya Sahajwani with minimal burden, and my search ended at Apple Global School . The excellent curriculum designed by a competent team, play way teaching methods, loving and caring teachers and support staff along with no burden are major credentials apart from many others. Various activities like theme based activities and concepts have been unique and best learning methods that my child enjoys a lot. And I truly appreciate the center’s efforts to make child’s first experience more joyful rather than just perfecting the moves.
As all of we know – new steps create new feelings – not just for our kids, but for us as well. When our little one started preschool, it is such a new step. When we dropped our daughter at the bus stop on her first day we were worried about her new experiences without us, and being taken care of by others. All parents experience emotional lousiness. Thank you for your support which make us steady and we could be a smooth emotional bridge for my child
Thanks a lot for your patience . Your energy, creativity and passion demonstrate that you understand this and inculcate a love of learning in all your students.
Thank you for your welcoming presence at each school day that brightens up the mood of all the kids in school. “Good Morning Khimaya – Good Morning mam ,( as she tells us ) They always look forward to seeing you every day. Thank you for your encouragement, our child is excited to wake up early and prepare for school day. Each day when my daughter comes home, she has a lot of things to say about her experience at the school . Thank you for your appreciation about the kid's individuality.
We are really grateful to all of you for the valuable teaching that helps to shape my daughter's understanding. Thank you so much for your efforts. Highly appreciated..

Top Cbse Schools In Ahmedabad
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