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Strong preschool base:

Apple Global School believes in conceptual learning through activities. The preschool phase in a child’s life plays a significant role in their growth and development. It is the child’s first step into the outside world, rather into life. During these moulding years, children must be equipped with the skills and knowledge that enables them not only to survive in the world but face the world with great confidence. AGS provides an opportunity of firsthand experience of activities like puzzles, art and craft, indoor and outdoor games, stage shows, celebrations, sand play, clay moulding, role plays, art and craft, audio –visual Digital Learning etc. Preschool years are the right time to instill social and academic skills into a child. Activities are not only for fun to the child but also for equipping them with a stronger mentality and a broader scope of knowledge. By the time, your children enter kindergarten, they would have equipped with the skills necessary to learn and evolve to a different environment where they will continue to learn, socialize, and adapt in more challenging situations. They come out having richer vocabulary, a better reading skills, good pre math and math skills. Once they acquire all these skills, they will be ready for primary education. AGS is rated among the Top Pre-Primary Schools in Ahmedabad.

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Integrated Curriculum with Transdisciplinary Pedagogy:

This follows a Five-Step Experiential Learning Method.
1) Classroom teaching
2) Hands-on- experience
3) Questioning
4) Application
5) Feedback
Our students are given an exposure of different methods as well as customized Worksheet Bank and Lab activities, making them more confident and ready with skills required for higher studies and careers. We, at Apple Global School, believe that “Education is an overall development of a child” which can be acquired through a blend of Traditional and Modern Teaching-Learning processes. Co-curricular development of the child is given equal importance, which focuses on successful leadership training, inculcating reading habits, exploring skills and maintaining health and fitness.

AGS is rated as the Top CBSE school with excellent infrastructure in Sanand, Ahmedabad. It is a proud recipient of Top CBSE School for Value for Money award and also has been Ranked Number 1 in Top CBSE Schools for Innovative teaching.

English speaking environment

At AGS English, Hindi, Gujarati and French are taught at various levels; however the main mode of communication is the English Language. Accepting the importance of English language on a global scale, we always encourage our students to be versatile and thus provide an environment throughout AGS to foster a culture of communicating in the English language. 

AGS is reputed as the best English Medium School in Ahmedabad. It is also one of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad.

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Creative writing

Creativity is at its best during childhood, when a child is equipped with immense imagination and finds no inhibition at expressing him/herself. Recognizing this, AGS has attached priority to this and strives to harness and cultivate a life-long ability of creative expression.

Mind Maps

The development of creative thinking is essential in today’s modern world, therefore we have introduced mind maps at an early age. This method is a learning process which involves a graphical way of representing ideas and concepts. Information through mind map is structured in such a way that it helps the brain to work faster.

AGS is ranked Number 1 in Innovative Teaching among India’s Top CBSE schools.

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Best English Medium School in Ahmedabad

Smart Class

An interesting, innovative and interactive method of audio-visual teaching and Digital learning that uses the latest in technology. AGS provides a great Smart School Experience.


Rated among the best Digital Learning Smart Schools, AGS is a Google school- In this age of fast evolving technology we keep up to date with the latest! Technology has permeated in most aspects of a child’s life and we encourage our children to employ these devices to their best use and we guide them accordingly by letting them know about its disadvantages too. The pre-primary classrooms are equipped with Apple TV which are operated with ipads for audio-visual and interactive activities.

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Art & craft

Creativity is the highest form of intelligence! Explorations in Art opens out many different avenues of expression and our children love this aspect of creativity. AGS is ranked as Number 1 in India under TOP CBSE Schools providing Best Co-Curricular Education.


Another of our creative endeavour for our children to explore, experience and develop expertise in! With the best of the musical instruments and trained professionals to guide them, we are sure to produce a few great musicians.

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With motivation and interesting reading materials in a conducive environment, any person can become an enthusiastic literary person. And that is what we strive to achieve by providing our students a wealth of books in a state of the art library in one of the best CBSE affiliated schools in Ahmedabad.

Daily report

At AGS, our teachers are committed to monitoring the progress of our students. Being an Eco-friendly smart school online updates are made available to every parent to know the progress in class on a daily basis.

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Buddy interaction

Junior students are paired with senior students to perform various activities. They are given responsibilities over shared projects and during special days & celebrations, to hone and exhibit sharing and helping qualities. Through Buddy interactions and projects, they develop and enhance their skills related to team work, concept knowledge, research, learning from and teaching each other. AGS is the Best CBSE School that strives to make our children become more aware, responsible, independent, caring and helpful citizens.

Learning on Wheels

Keeping road-safety in mind, AGS employs long-nosed buses with audio-video facilities and the smart school learning continues on the school bus too. The students solve Rubik’s cube, read NIE newspaper, and watch educational videos and documentaries while traveling in AGS school bus. Another reason for AGS to be rated as the Best CBSE School in Ahmedabad.

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Famous CBSE School in Ahmedabad

Dare to Dream

AGS recognizes that a child’s mind is the right platform to make them realize the true meaning of having a vision in life. AGS has taken various initiatives like interaction with eminent professionals and experts from various fields to spread awareness & give the children a feeling of the real life challenges, opportunities, and the requirement of hard work and dedication to finally achieve their goal.Good Pre-school videos provide educational entertainment to the youngest most students. AGS is ranked Number 1 in Innovative Teaching among India’s Top CBSE schools.


At AGS we encourage children to converse in the English language, but, we strongly believe and follow our foundation of Indian cultures and values. Thus, keeping this in mind, we utilize the available opportunity to practice Sanskrit Shlokas, traditional and cultural disciplinary activities during Assembly. AGS is one of the Top CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad providing holistic education.

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Personality Development through stage performances

To develop self-confidence in our students, AGS gives them ample opportunities to perform in events and competitions that involve public speaking, dance, drama, music etc throughout the year.

Rituals of different religions & moral value

Unity in Diversity! It is necessary for our children to explore and experience the wealth of our cultural and social heritage. AGS celebrates a range of religious and social festivals, and on a regular basis a few discourses on moral values are organized at school.

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Professional Skills Training

We are very proactive in keeping up with our in-house as well as external teacher and staff trainings. AGS fully understands that it is a team of highly trained and motivated teachers & staff that will carry the vision of Apple Global forward.


Our fully equipped, professional, state of the art sports facility holds a position of pride for all of us Applets. We are one of the best Athletics School in Ahmedabad. A range of sports activities like Football, Yoga, Skating, Table Tennis, Badminton, Basket ball, Martial Arts, Cricket, etc are offered to our children. With the development of the proper skills and passion for a particular sport under the guidance of a professional coach, we aim to produce a number of national and international level sports personalities. We have also been awarded for being India’s First School in Western Region for Promoting Golf in School.

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Social Awareness programs

A part from working one co-friendly concepts at school our students are given opportunities to explore and experience the people/world by visiting different places like the Blind School, Old Age Homes, Factories, Construction Sites, NGOs, etc. These interactions makes the children reflect on their place in the world and the importance of interconnectivity to make the world a better place.

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