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Literature as an Expression of Personality

Mithua’s Blog:


Literature is a vital record of what men have seen in life, what they have experienced of it, what they have thought and felt about those aspects of it which have the most immediate and enduring interest for all of us. It is thus fundamentally an expression of life through the medium of language.

Literature be at bottom, an interpretation of life as life shapes itself in the mind of the interpreter. A great book is born of the brain and heart of its author; he has put himself into its pages; and are instinct with its individuality. The mark of a really great book is that it has something fresh and original to say and it is stated in a fresh and independent way – the author by the strength of his genius can upheld the true essence of his piece of work more powerfully than the common race of men can do. The truth remains that the value of literature is in the measure of its authenticity.

A study of literature thus begins in a very simple and humble way. When we read a book we focus ourselves towards the understanding to what the author has to tell us and we do our best to enter into his thoughts and feelings. We analyse carefully how he looked at life, what he found in it, what he brought away from it. Thereby we observe how the world of experience impressed him and it is interpreted through his personality. Thus literature opens up new fields of experience, new lines of thoughts and speculations, because it carries us beyond the meagre humanity of our everyday round of existence into contact with those fresh, strong and magnetic personalities who have embodied themselves into world’s great books.

We at Apple Global School always strive to encourage our students to read good books in order to gain insight into the life experiences of renowned personalities so that standing in the 21st century, we can take those learnings forward for creating a balance and healthy world for us and our future generations.

Mithua Mitra

Apple Global School



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