Pre-Primary School in Ahmedabad


  • Summer Uniform: Boys: Beige Shorts, Blue Shirt Girls: Beige skirts, Blue Shirt
  • Sports Uniform:  Blue school Track pants and Red T-shirt
  • Winter Uniform:  Boys & Girls: Beige Trousers, Blue Shirt, Navy Blue Hoodie
  • Sports Uniform:  Blue school Track pants & Red T-shirt, Navy Blue Hoodie
  • Black sports shoes without any design and blue school socks and a handkerchief pinned on the uniform shirt.
  • All clothing items should be tagged with the child’s name written with a permanent marker.


  • Summer Uniform: Beige Trousers, Blue Shirt, Tie (to be worn on special occasions),  Black Belt (compulsory), a handkerchief.
  • Winter Uniform: Blue Sleeveless V – Necked Sweater, Blazer along with Summer   Uniform or sports winter school jacket along with sports uniform
  • House Uniform: Blue Track pants and House T-shirt, Black sports shoes without any   design, blue school socks and a handkerchief.
  • Sports Uniform (5th to 10th) – Students who have been selected in the Team Game   can be in Game uniform along with sports specific shoes. Rest all the students can wear any sports T-shirt along with School Track Pant. All students need to bring/   carry regular school uniform along with school shoes and socks to change after practice. Sports school jacket should be worn in winter.
  • In case a student forgets to wear their required uniform, they won’t be allowed to   attend class for that particular day.

All clothing items should be tagged with the child’s name written with a  permanent marker


  • Students are prohibited to wear fancy clips/ nail paint/ Kajal/ jewellery/tattoos.
  • Boys must have short hair( no fancy hairstyles ). No ornaments are allowed for boys.
  • Girls should tie plaits with a black rubber band, long hair ponytails are not allowed. Black hair bands/clips to be used by girls having short hair. Only simple non-hanging ear studs are allowed for girls.
  • Mehndi and nail polish may be allowed only for special family functions with prior permission.
  • Sports uniform to be worn on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday can be as per need.
  • All students must have a minimum of 2 pairs of sports uniforms.
  • Plain blue socks and plain black sports shoes ( Nike/ Liberty ) to be worn on all days for all students.

Uniform available at Pintoo Garments  Address: Maruti Arcade, Shivranjani Cross Road, 132Ft. Ring Road, Opp. Petrol Pump, Satellite Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015  Phone: 079-26743349

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