Pre-Primary School in Ahmedabad


AGS is one of the Top Pre-primary Schools in Ahmedabad. Learning is informal and done through the play–way method using specially designed aids. This develops psycho–cognitive skills (Learning by doing) under well trained and caring teachers. The emphasis is to make written work more creative with focus on the physical, mental and emotional and social growth of children to make them self – reliant. This also develops their cognitive and conative skills. Alphabets are taught using phonetics, songs in an enjoyable environment using interactive & multimedia techniques, Counting done through games and practically, skill development activities become part of the time table.

AS compared to other Pre Primary schools of Ahmedabad AGS has a wonderful outdoor Green area for hands on experience of Nature. Our kids are exposed to being more vocal and to have lot of confidence in Public Speaking.

Emphasis on learning Good Values and ethics make us the best Pre Primary school of Ahmedabad.

Famous CBSE School in Ahmedabad
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