Reputed PreSchools in Ahmedabad


In a good Preschool teaching is customized to the needs of the students by involving them in the learning process and maintaining their interest. Dramatization, Role Play, Experimentation and projects are some of the methods used to motivate learning skills in the students.

AGS is one of the top pre school in Ahmedabad. The curriculum helps to build thinking skills & problem solving confidence in children.

Children ask more questions, can write in their own words, like doing word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework on their own, are not afraid to speak-up in English, persist longer in solving problems, and score well on tests.

We, at Apple Global School aim to provide a safe and amiable environment for all. Our trained faculty focuses on an integrated programme for students that lead to team- building and collaborative learning. We also offer a diverse curriculum to ensure the holistic development of the pupils and enhance their skills and confidence which are pre requisites for a good Pre School.

AS AGS is the top pre school of Ahmedabad The curriculum is child-centred. It identifies three key aims of primary education:

• to enable the child to live a full life as a child and to realise his or her potential as a unique individual
• to enable the child to develop as a social being through living and co-operating with others and so contribute to the good of society
• to prepare the child for further education and lifelong learning.
• We follow these aims and al applets benefit from it ,thus making them proud to be a part of top pre school of Ahmedabad.

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