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Apple Global School is the Best English Medium School in Ahmedabad. The middle school years are a time of significant intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. Students are helped to keep pace with the accelerated academic challenges and get support in acquiring life skills. They are assisted with study skills, organization of work and gain confidence at performing under examination conditions.

The primary aim is to develop in the student qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion; to promote a spirit of enquiry, to foster a scientific temperament within the bonds of humanism, to help student become a meaningful part of his environment and to see that courage and integrity have their due reward

The main subjects taught are English, Mathematics, Hindi, French, General Science, Social Science, Moral Science, GK, and Computer Science. There are two terms in one academic session.

English is the mode of communication between Teacher – student and Students themselves. Making us the Best English Medium School in Ahmedabad.

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Renowned School in Ahmedabad
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