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Flavors – The Cafeteria

At AGS the canteen is a comfortable dinning where students are a provided homely hot meals every day. The menu is set by a consulting Nutritionist at school & each meal is served ensuring the energy & protein levels required.

School provides regular food and Jain food in the canteen (pure vegetarian food without eggs). Canteen facility is optional at AGS. Students availing the school cafeteria shall eat together in the dinning hall at the designated hour.

Parents need to make provision for each of the following breaks: a mid‐morning snack, lunch for their child if he/she is not availing the school canteen. The snack and the Lunch box should be neatly labeled.

Feed Your Brain

Eat Well, Drink Well, Learn Well Evidence shows that the ability to think and learn is affected by what we eat and drink.. We encourage and support students to make healthy life choices.

Our Key Messages to Student are :

Enjoy your food! 

Have regular meals – don’t skip breakfast! 

Make sure you have a varied, balanced diet.

Aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. 

Have a glass of water with each meal, aim to drink two liters of fluid a day and remember you are encouraged to sip from your bottle of water in most lessons.

English Medium School in Ahmedabad
English Medium School in Ahmedabad
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