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“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to the individual”…
We welcome you to APPLE GLOBAL SCHOOL with a commitment to nurture your children to become confident, sensitive, socially committed and well-rounded individuals, equipped to become young envoys of progress. Our aim is to expose your children to the best environment for gaining understanding & knowledge under the guidance of competent educators and superior infrastructure facilities. AGS believes that, “Education is a journey that never ends.” Our curriculum amalgamates world class pedagogical philosophies with sports and technology. The emphasis is on creating lifelong learners through varied instructional methods and to create a learning environment that allows each child to INQUIRE into information provided and CONSTRUCT KNOWLEDGE. Our curricular and co-curricular activities are planned to promote self-study skills and that every child gets the required exposure in his/her area of interest. With the aid of modern technology, designed to challenge ideas & expectations and to engage students in a love for learning, we are confident of our focused commitment to provide holistic education to your children.
AGS is a beacon for those seeking the very best in Education.

We hope you find your due inspiration at the Apple Global School Campus.



The future belongs to those who are Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Principled, Communicators, Open minded and Reflective. We value the uniqueness of each and every child and keeping in mind the potential of the child, we nurture him / her. Apple Global School, Ahmedabad is a child centric institution. We offer a wide range of activities leading to multiple experiences and enrichment of students.
The best pedagogical practice along with excellent IT support and world class infrastructure makes it the ideal place for children to learn. The state of the art sports facilities help to instill the values in the sports fields, where children are most open and receptive to grasp subtle values in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. The best skills for cognition, effective communication, negotiation, time management, decision making, stress management and clarity of thoughts under pressure etc. are learnt in the sports field.

Our constant endeavour is to provide the best to the child.

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